Mike Ditka: "Success is measured by your discipline and inner peace"
John Madden: "The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer"
Walter Payton: "I want to be remembered as the guy who gave his all whenever he was on the field"
Archie Griffin: "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog"
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Our teams

Cadets (U16) - Juniors (U19) - Men's (Adult)

1 Taylor Jaycen RB USA
7 Saenen Stef TE BEL
11 Jackson Jason QB USA
13 David Michael RB RWA
14 De Craemer Brian WR BEL
15 Leynen Thomas QB BEL
16 Jannis Sendy LB BEL
17 Koltzem Jay WR BEL
20 Erpels Michiel DB BEL
21 Townsend Dustin DB USA
22 Smeyers Brent WR BEL
23 Van De Berg Glenn DL NLD
24 Jonckers Kevin RB BEL
27 Anastassiou Raphael RB GRC
28 Eeman Michel DB BEL
29 Claes Quinten DB BEL
30 Smith Rodger DE USA
31 Sauwens Toby DB BEL
32 Jordy Vandepaer DB BEL
33 Jonckers Niels LB BEL
37 Van Gorp Wouter LB BEL
38 Hoeben Dries WR BEL
40 Willems Steven TE BEL
49 Deprez Kim DL BEL
52 Baptist Dennis LB BEL
53 Van Hoof Kenneth OL BEL
55 Vancraenendonck Jonas OL BEL
57 Desaedeleire Timothy LB BEL
58 Pirens Jordy LB BEL
59 De Roo Steve OL BEL
62 Lievens Joachim DL BEL
63 Claes Seppe DL BEL
64 Van Reusel Christoph OL BEL
66 Van Gorp Jef OL BEL
68 Post Brian OL NLD
77 Philipsen Thomas OL BEL
89 Mueller Tim WR DEU
99 Fabo Ohleff DL DEU
- Daniels Timo LB BEL

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Meet the Team

Our team consists of players from all ages and backgrounds. We have members with different nationalities from Belgian to American. We are always looking for new players!

About Us

We are an American Football Team established in 2008. We are playing Tackle Football for Cadets, Juniors & Seniors, our homebase is in Beringen, Limburg.


The BAFL is the governing body of American Football in Belgium. They are responsible for organising the DI Competition in Belgium, a Division that contains the 8 best teams in the country. 

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